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How Much Does it Cost to Sell a French Leaseback?

Like every real estate transaction, this depends on the asset itself. When it comes to selling French Leasebacks, there is no right for real estate agencies to use fixed fees. Most real estate agency prices will be represented in terms of percentages because of this. This is why your property and its unique aspects, particularly its rental percentage, make a difference. Most agency fees depend on the following:


  • Size of the property

If the property is worth 1 000 000 euro, a 5% agency fee does not equal a 5% agency fee of a 100 000 euro property.


  • Technical requirements

This relates to the unique aspects of your property including added amenities, location, and rental percentage.


  • The type of buyers to target

Depending on your technical requirements, your property could either be very easy or very difficult to market. Because of this, your agency selling percentage might go up or down: an example of this being easy to find buyers versus specific partners or cliental.


Sometimes, due to complexities, French Leasebacks owners require special real estate leaseback agencies to sell their properties. These Leaseback agencies use flat fees as well as selling percentages. Most flat fees range from 10 000 to    12 000 euro, although vary by property, while the selling percentages range from 10-14% of the listed selling price. Like all other real estate firms, these fees fluctuate by the property’s size, technical requirements or complexities, and the type of buyers the agency needs to market to.

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