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What if My Tenant Does Not Pay His/Her Rent?

If this happens, your first act should be to submit a Commandement de Payer. This document goes about the legal acts by which a creditor, with help from a bailiff, requires the debtor to pay the sum stated on the leasing contract under penalty of being seized.


To start the process of a Commandement de Payer, the debtor must first be provided with an enforceable title. After this, you will need the following documents to continue with the Commandement de Payer:


  1. Details of your debts

  2. A copy of your signed “Bail Commercial

  3. A copy of your passport (and of anyone else on the deed)


It must be dually noted that the Commandement de Payer is not a valid reason to terminate a contract between the owner and the lessee. It also must be noted that the Commandement de Payer is not the L’injonction de Payer.  

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